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Hair Balayage in Zürich, Stauffacher

Balayage in Zurich

What exactly is the balayage strands technique?

Balayage (also known as freehand painting), which was developed in France in the 1970s, has clear advantages over conventional coloring techniques. The balayage technique is characterized above all by its natural color gradient and a unique nuance and ensures an absolute highlight effect. In addition, it can be used effortlessly on any hair structure and any hair color.

With the balayage strands technique, individual strands are colored completely individually. The special advantages of this freehand technique lie in the varying intensity and strength with which the color is applied to the individual strands of hair. We apply the color free-hand in varying degrees with a brush and literally paint the highlights into the hair. For the beach look, for example, with this technique we don’t start at the hairline, but a little below, so that the effect later looks completely natural. Since we work without any foil, the balayage technique creates very special highlights that are also extremely easy to care for. And because there’s no straight line, there’s no need to come back to us every few weeks to re-dye the regrown hairline. On the contrary, thanks to this technique, the color lasts up to four months! As long as the desired contrast is not too dark, the balayage strands look very natural and soft.