hair colors

A coloring technique that achieves fantastically
soft color reflections in the hair.

Hair Air-Touch in Zürich, Stauffacher

Air-Touch in Zurich

What is Hair Air-Touch?

Hair Air-Touch is a complex hair coloring that uses multiple shades to create soft shimmering tones. The task of the technique is to give volume to curls through the image itself. In this case, the speed of work depends on the depth of the tones used.

Hair Air-Touch differs from other techniques in that no more than 50% of the total volume of hair is used when painting. At the same time, coloring is not carried out randomly, but according to special schemes. The effect of a smooth transition is achieved by blowing short and thin hair. The strand that remains after the treatment with the hair dryer is dyed with the selected shade. The purpose of the hair dryer is to blow out excess hair with cold air.

This is not coloring and highlighting in the classic sense. At the initial stage, the strands are straightened, and then, if desired, tinted. There are no bright colors here, and the technique itself is more laborious than traditional highlighting. This is a trend that allows women to look natural and natural at the same time. The technique with special care refers to the choice of a suitable color for a particular woman.